About Elisha’s Spring Farm

Elisha’s Spring Farm was established in 2014 as the flagship PermaEthos farm. Our goal, along with PermaEthos, is to implement sustainable, regenerative agriculture techniques, or ‘permaculture’, in a small-scale commercial farm. We added ponds and swales in the first year to capture water and minimize erosion, and planted more than 3500 trees in 2015 alone!  We now have a 50+ tree orchard below the barn, and thousands of Chestnut and Hazelnut trees in the 18 acres surrounding the main house.  Hundreds of Black Locusts were also planted for erosion control and to stabilize the hillside above the parking lot.

West Virginia proves to be a difficult market for organic meats–there are no suppliers of organic or GMO free animal feed in the state.  Elisha’s Spring produced more than 5000 pounds of organically fed, pastured hogs and chickens in 2014 and 2015, but we’ve decided to focus on plants and bees for the upcoming years.  Our first hive went in in 2015 and made it through the winter with no problems, and we have an additional 11 hives ready for the spring of 2016!

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